Ciro M. Espíndola

Physiotherapist – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina)
Degree in Kinesiology and Physiotheraphy – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina)
Reiki Usui Therapist – Miami/FL (USA)
Specialist in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy – Fort Lauderdale/FL (USA)
Specialist in Cranial Sacral Therapy - Spain and Switzerland
Specialist in Visceral Manipulation Therapy - Spain and Switzerland
Therapist Specialized in Somato-Emotional Release Therapy (SER) - Spain and Switzerland
Therapist Specialized in Myofascial Release - Italy and Spain
Master degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Barcelona (Spain)
Accompanist Certified in Bioneuroemoción® - Barcelona (Spain)           Therapist in Clinical Reconstructive Hypnosis® (HCR)                         Cancer Survivor


The story of my life

I was born in Argentina, more precisely in Córdoba, I lived with my family in two wonderful places: in Dique Los Molinos and in Alta Gracia, where my family still lives. Then I went to study at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, the school of Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, where I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapist licensed in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy. I specialized in Child Neurological Rehabilitation, with Dr. Castillo Morales.

In the 90's I went to live in Venezuela, then in USA (Miami) and currently live in Switzerland and Spain. During all that journey of new cultures and ways of life, I was discovering and learning new methodologies and therapeutic techniques, allowing me to grow in my professional and personal training. I had contact for the first time in Venezuela, with what are called alternative therapies. I did courses on Laying on of hands, Crystal Therapy; and contact with the Yanomamis shamans, in the Venezuelan Amazon, where I began to discover the energies of our body. In the USA, I did my Reiki Usui training, which allowed me to learn and apply the Universal energy to help people release and reduce their ailments.

Working at the Kendall Medical Center Hospital (Miami), I had the opportunity to do a specialization in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDP), which allowed me to perform a work of more than 4 years with cancer patients and with people suffering from chronic lymphedema.   

Already living in Switzerland, I was interested in Sacred Cranial Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release Therapy, realizing my specialization between Spain and Switzerland. In the same period, I began my training as a Therapist in Myofascial Release, in Italy with Prof. Andrej Pilat, which allowed me to continue listening to the body and at the same time to perceive the energetic and functional activities, which often go unnoticed to a conventional or traditional therapy.

A few years ago the Universe put a test in front of me, "to continue learning", I discovered a bladder cancer; which allowed me to continue to find out and investigate, about "how" the body reacts to different emotional shocks and how they manifest.

It was thanks to this situation, which for many it can be devastating, that allowed me to discover and incorporate a complement to my therapeutic training: the Bioneuroemoción®. It was where I found the answers to the "why" of many things, the causes for which we live determined situations in life.

The possibility of training arises, to help other people identify and accept which emotional shocks they have experienced, which have led them to develop cancer. This has become my goal, to make people aware "that what kills is not the cancer, but ignorance."

Through the learning of the Bioneuroemoción®, I trained and specialized in what we currently call in Switzerland, Bio-Consciencia Emocional® or Bio-Emotional Consciousness®. I also was having a more spiritual, deeper, sincere approach to myself and healing myself by becoming aware, discovering that "I am the problem and I am the solution" and you can not reach the light, without having lived in the darkness.

I hope that on this website, you will find all the answers to your questions; and if not, I invite you to ask and not stay with doubt. With all pleasure I will answer any kind of them.

"Let's do not expect to have an illness to seek happiness"