What is the difference between Bio-Consciencia Emocional® (Bio-Emotional Consciousness®) and Bioneuroemoción®?

There is no difference; the academic formation is totally based on Bioneuroemoción® and there is a permanent "continuous education" to update the method at the Enric Corbera Institute® in Barcelona.

It is a work methodology aimed at the individual who has suffered or suffers from a physical alteration (illness) or a specific behavioral disorder.

Our job is to look for unresolved emotional conflict, which is the generator of a said pathology or behavior pattern; Allow to identify it in your unconscious, make it conscious and transcend it, for a recovery of full health.

We can say that the Bio-Consciencia Emocional® (in Switzerland) and Bioneuroemoción® are the same work methodology; based on the contributions of sciences and techniques such as; the New Germanic Medicine (NMG) of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935 - 2017); who relates and demonstrates the importance of a biological shock (Emotional Impact) and the development of the disease; systematizing the medicine, something that has cost him years of struggle to have his discoveries recognized.

Inspired from the holistic and philosophical foundation, by a book called A Course in Miracles (UCDM) written by Helen Shucman and William Thetford; seeks to explore in the depths of the internal knowledge of the individual, the deepest of being, discovering the meaning of life, love and respect for oneself.

The contribution of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), as a technique for the interpretation of behaviors and observation, helping to modify habits, fears and even vices in patients or consultants.

The Ericksonian Hypnosis of Dr. Milton Erickson, allowing deepening in the unconscious of the consultant, based on the acceptance and use of the internal resources of the individual.

Complementing it with the Transgenerational information, developed by Anne Ancelin Schützemberguer, allowing us to investigate the stories and events lived through our family tree, and find repetitions of patterns within the family; plus the contribution of many other therapies, methods and techniques scientifically recognized worldwide.

How is a consultation?

A consultation of Bio-Emotional Consciousness® is the investigation of the emotional conflict that generates a certain pathology or behavioral conflict. The consultant is guided, to express all the hidden emotions that remained in his unconscious, and have generated this physical or behavioral alteration.

It is to allow the individual to make "conscious the unconscious", and thus, resolve their conflict. Discover the "for what" of the "disease" you are suffering; and to understand that it is the "biological" response to an emotional conflict lived in the past and is still active in the unconscious (not resolved).

The consultations can be face-to-face in Switzerland, Spain or Argentina. Also online from anywhere in the world.

Consultations can be held in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English and German.

How long is the consultation and when can I do it?

The time that is used in a consultation is determined by the openness and awareness of the consultant and his predisposition to individualize, accept and allow a change of paradigm or belief in his life.

A face-to-face or on-line consultation varies in time from 60 minutes to approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Consultations can be made online, from anywhere in the world, with equal effectiveness to a face-to-face.

You can request a consultation, when you need to understand the "why" of certain situations or diseases.

What should I bring to the consultation?

In a consultation of Bio-Consciencia Emocional® you have to have two things:

The first is a tool that we can use in the investigation of family history, which are the dates of birth and death, occupation and kinship of family members or people who have been closely linked to your family clan, until the 3rd generation (which currently is not indispensable), but it is a tool that we can use. And if there was a pathology to any of them, you should also bring the medical diagnosis.

And the second, but fundamental, to have the disposition to carry out the consultation by own determination and will. 

How many conflicts are treated in the consultation?

Several conflicts can be treated, once individualized. To respect what the client may experience during the appointment, It is methodologically correct to work only one conflict at a time; thing that does not mean, that once this is resolved, other conflicts may come to be reduced or mitigated by the release of one of them.

Normally the consultant arrives with a story, but our job is to see "the story behind that story”.

Can I have more than one consult?

You can make more than one consult, but we try to deepen as much as possible, so that the person visualizes and identifies the conflict in a single session and thus solve it.

There is the possibility of carrying out more consultations, such as reinforcement and interpretation support of the programmatic or triggering conflict.

Can you make sure that my problem will be resolved after the consultation?

A problem will be solved depending on the mental openness and awareness of the individual. The companions only do that for the client, accompany, helping to individualize and become aware of the conflict.

Each conflict is within the individual, therefore the solution. What the specialist facilitates, are giving tools to continue investigating and in this way to transcend it.

 "We can not get anyone out of where he doesn't want to leave”

What types of conflicts can be dealt with?

It can be treated all types of chronic or acute conflicts, simple and/or complex pathologies, which are the reflection and the manifestation of an unresolved emotional conflict.

Every physical affection is a response of our unconscious to alert us of an excess or a lack of something.

What we are trying to do is help the person to recognize and identify what was the programmatic or primary conflict (lived in a certain circumstance) and what is the trigger or secondary conflict (lived in a circumstance similar to the programmer), and then integrate it, accept it, transcend it, become aware and heal.

How can I receive more information to make a consultation or attend a conference?

To receive more information and request an appointment, please contact us through a message, on this website, by e-mail or telephone and all the required information will be provided.

To attend a conference or workshop, register on the website, you will be provided with all the information of the event you wish to attend.

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